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We obsess over copiers and printers

The Miller Company designs innovative document solutions because we have been doing it since before Star Wars was released. We have been servicing copiers since disco was cool. Our service technicians have so much knowledge they make Wikipedia look like children’s book. Since the company started back in the 1970s, the Miller Company has been invested in copiers and printers as a way to drive productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

We are experienced and award-winning service professionals

Copiers and printers form an invaluable foundation for all business. Miller keeps your entire document fleet up and running. Unlike many providers, we locally dispatch all of our copier service┬átechnicians. We locally warehouse all of our parts and repair supplies. Our service technicians and experts drive the same roads to work that you do. Miller uses intelligent routing and GPS tracking for all of our vehicles. We can be where you need us as fast as you need us. Our dispatch team is constantly watching traffic patterns and the routes of our copier technicians so that they never miss a beat. We don’t outsource our service because being able to be onsite with the right part in under 4 hours is the only way we want to do business.

That’s why the Miller Company has been recognized by the PROs Elite 100. We are an elite organization, and one of the top 100 copier service providers in the entire country. The Miller Company infuses the fanatical pursuit of excellence into all that we do.

We provide complete assessments

For Miller, Document Solutions is about managing and organizing your entire document workflow. Our Document Experts bring efficiency and robust security to both paper and digital document usage in your company. We have teams dedicated to helping you spend less on office supplies and toner. We provide you the tools to easily monitor your toner and supply usage. As your business needs change with your growth, we will work with you to make sure that your document fleet stays efficient and reliable.

Contact us now and let our Document Experts show you how you can print, scan, copy & fax smarter and faster.

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